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Module Reference: Data Types

This module helps convert text strings to geographic locations.

Module Output: location

Location Builder Module

This module converts a description of a place into geographical data. It recognizes addresses, zip codes, airport codes, city/country names, and U.S. city/state names.

The module outputs a location structure with separate fields for city, state, country, latitude, and longitude. This location can be wired into any module that accepts location types.

Example: Run this Pipe | View Source

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has a feed for earthquakes occurring throughout the world in the past week. This data contains latitudes and longitudes.

This example uses two Location Builder modules to define two towns in Alaska: one in the northwest and the other in the southeast. Our earthquake feed is piped into a Filter module, and four rules are added to allow only items where the latitude and longitude fall within a geographic area.

That area is defined by a rectangle whose upper-left and lower-right corners are the two towns defined by Location Builder. We wire them into the value field of each Filter rule.

This example also shows that it's possible to wire some modules into more than one end-point. Here each Location Builder module has two output wires, each connecting to a separate filter rule.

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