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Thank you for using Yahoo Pipes! To help focus our efforts on core Yahoo product experiences, users will no longer be able to create new Pipes starting August 30th 2015. The service will be put in read-only mode until we will discontinue Yahoo Pipes on September 30th 2015. You can find more details here.

Pipes Module Reference

The modules in the Pipes Editor have been grouped into categories based on their functionality. To learn more about the modules, and to see them used in example Pipes, click on the categories below:

Most Pipes begin with a data source. These modules grab data from somewhere on the internet and bring it into your Pipe for processing.

User Inputs
These modules let you define parameters for your Pipe. These inputs can be fed into other modules in your Pipe.

These modules transform and filter data flowing through your Pipe.

This module manipulates URLs.

These modules help manipulate and combine text strings.

These modules define and format dates.

These modules help convert text strings to geographic locations.

This module provides basic arithmetic operations.

These modules will continue to work however, we're discouraging their use because we've introduced new modules with improved functionality.

Note: Pipes can be re-used as building blocks for new Pipes. Unlike the other categories in the Editor that contain modules developed by the Pipes team the "Favorites" category contains Pipes that you've Favorited by other people. While the "My Pipes" category contains Pipes that you've saved.

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