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  • Using the Yahoo! Finance URL above, we'll build a Pipe that gets news from any Finance feed based on a user-supplied stock ticker value. To make it more useful, we'll let the user filter the feed based on a search term they provide.In the URL Builder, the Base is set to…

    • Published on 09/01/07 |
    • 422 clones
  • Sometimes it's easier to pick from a numbered list then to enter a value explicitly. And sometimes you just want to limit input options to a pre-selected array of options.In this example, we create a pseudo-array using the String Concatenate module. We enter three search terms into String…

    • Published on 09/01/07 |
    • 32 clones
  • The Term Extractor is often used as a sub-module within a Loop module. In this example we use Term Extractor to evaluate each item from an input news feed.The item.description field is fed into Term Extractor by setting the "For each" list box in the Loop module. We select the Loop option…
  • The Yahoo! Search module lets you enter a Site restriction for the search. This is a URL, but it can be irritating to always have to enter the "http://" part of the URL. Using the String Concatenation module, this example builds the URL from two substrings: the first is "http://"…

    • Published on 09/01/07 |
    • 81 clones
  • This example reads the Internet Movie Database's "Born on this Date" feed. This feed is passed into a Loop module with a Yahoo! Shortcuts sub-module. Each item's description element is analyzed by Yahoo! Shortcuts.Each feed description follows the same pattern: "In [YEAR],…

    • Published on 09/01/07 |
    • 50 clones
  • This example uses String Replace to filter the user's input into a Yahoo! Search. We don't want the user to search for potentially harmful information, so we replace dangerous terms like explosive, bomb, and gun with benign alternatives like penguin, rabbit, and turtle.

    • Published on 09/19/07 |
    • 65 clones
  • Using the String Regex module this example Pipe transforms a simple web site name, like "cnn", or "reuters", or "abcnews", into a valid URL. So "cnn" becomes "".

    • Published on 09/19/07 |
    • 68 clones
  • This example connects a text user input module to string tokenizer to create an array of search terms. The term delimiter is a comma. These terms are passed into a Loop module containing a Yahoo! Search sub-module.The Search sub-module is site restricted to Wikipedia, and the loop is configured to…

    • Published on 09/01/07 |
    • 151 clones
  • This example uses the Date Formatter and the Date Input module to determine the date corresponding to 9 years ago. The Pipe fetches data from the U.S. Geological Survey site and extracts a portion of the XML file using Fetch Data's Path to item list field.Those items are then piped through a…

    • Published on 09/01/07 |
    • 58 clones
  • In our example, we want to return only very recent items, problems reported in the last five days.We use a Fetch Feed module to grab the Atom feed (, and pipe it into a Filter module. We "permit items that match all of the following", and add a…

    • Published on 09/01/07 |
    • 148 clones
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