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Somerville, MA (profile)
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  • Returns the union of two RSS feeds, with duplications removed. Each item is given an additional attribute item.ys:mergeResult with a value of either [text input 1] or [text input 2], depending on which feed the item came from. If the item is in both, mergeResult is [text input 1] + delimiter +…
    • Published on 07/16/08 |
    • 130 clones
  • Takes an ITKE RSS feed and puts in a more interesting description.
    • Published on 12/16/08 |
    • 0 clones
  • The most easy-to-use of these. This pipe merges two RSS feeds, removing duplicates, and appends user-supplied text to the title of each item specifying which feed it came from originally. Click this pipe's title for a working example.

    • Published on 07/16/08 |
    • 343 clones
  • Merges up to five RSS feeds and removes duplicates. Also specifies how many times each item was duplicated, and includes an item summarizing the merge. This pipe is intended for testing purposes; for day-to-day use, I suggest one of the others listed here.

    • Published on 07/17/08 |
    • 13 clones
  • Merges up to five RSS feeds and removes duplicates.
    • Published on 07/16/08 |
    • 19 clones
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